What foods should I eat to keep out the cold and nourish my beauty in winter?


What foods should I eat to keep out the cold and nourish my beauty in winter?


Its taste is sweet and flat, and it has the effects of nourishing the stomach and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the kidney and aphrodisiac, and strengthening the muscles and bones. It is particularly suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, loose stools and diarrhea. Winter food is particularly effective for those who are weak and afraid of cold.



It is a high-protein, low-gallbladder food with high sweetness, temperature and calories. In winter, it is often eaten to nourish qi and replenish deficiency, appetize and strengthen strength, benefit lungs and qi, expectorant and relieve asthma, and benefit kidney and yang. It is especially suitable for patients with tuberculosis , anemia , postpartum qi and blood deficiency and coldness.. The medicine of the motherland has the saying “ginseng replenishes qi, lamb replenishes shape”.

Rabbit meat:

Its taste is sweet and cool, which can replenish qi, cool blood and detoxify. It is a high-protein, low-fat food, and the gall content is lower than that of all meats. It is suitable for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., and is also an ideal food for middle-aged people in winter.


It has a warm and spicy taste, and has the effects of relieving coldness, relieving coldness and strengthening the stomach, warming the menstrual cycle and activating blood. Modern medicine has confirmed that ginger contains turmeric, turmeric enone and other volatile substances, which have a stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels, can cause blood vessel dilation and central nervous system excitement, and make the whole body feel warm. Ginger also contains a variety of nutrients, and it is known as the proverb “eating three slices of ginger in the morning is like drinking ginseng soup”.


Chestnuts are high in sugar and have a lot of cellulase, which has the function of keeping out cold. Use 15 chestnuts, shelled and glutinous rice to cook porridge for consumption. It is suitable for people with kidney coldness and kidney deficiency , waist and knee weakness. It can increase the body’s required calories and increase the cooling effect.


There is a saying among the people that “winter moon radish little ginseng”, but radish is also very nutritious. Especially in winter, when there is less rain and dry weather, people will feel dry throat and nose, dry skin, dry cough and less phlegm. Optional radish peeled and eaten raw can moisturize dryness and relieve cough. Therefore, it has the reputation of “turnip race Sydney”.

Shrimp, shrimp skin:

It has a wet and sweet taste and has the effect of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac. It is suitable Yang deficiency for people with cold and body fatigue caused by kidney deficiency in winter.


It is warm and sweet in nature and contains a variety of nutrients, especially the most abundant content of vitamin C and D. It is very good for nourishing YANG and nourishing qi, regulating human metabolism and other physiological functions. Orange peel also contains volatile oil, which has the effects of strengthening the stomach, dispelling wind, and reducing phlegm. It can be soaked in water with white sugar and used as tea. “Compendium of Materia Medica” Yun: “Orange, the sweet nourishes the lungs, and the sour gathers phlegm. Quenches thirst, appetizes appetite, and removes diaphragm qi in the chest. ”

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