What to do, what are the treatments for old stomach diseases?


Since about ten years ago, my stomach has been bad, and I often sweat with pain, flatulence, and hiccups. As soon as I finished my meal, I went straight back. Old stomach disease, old stomach pain, what should I do, what are the treatments for old stomach disease?

I went to the hospital for a gastroscopy and said it was superficial gastritis with redness, swelling and congestion of the gastrointestinal sinus. The doctor prescribed the medicine for half a month, and after going back to take it on time for a week, the symptoms disappeared, so he stopped the medicine. After that, I committed it twice again, and I didn’t care if it was not serious.

In the spring of the second year, the symptoms suddenly became serious. I took the rest of the medicine and it didn’t get better. When I went to the doctor again, I found that the gastric mucosa was inflamed again, and it was more serious than last time. I prescribed a bunch of medicines and ate them all according to the doctor’s instructions. It’s okay.

Later, because I was angry and drank some cold beer, the gastritis was severe, and the next day it hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep for a long time, and I lost 6 kg in one month.

Fed up with repeated medicine, I tried a lot of folk remedies and earthworks. I chewed peanuts every day, ate alkaline steamed buns, and exercised. It did have some relief, but irritating foods still couldn’t be touched and couldn’t catch a cold. If you don’t pay attention, you will have to feel uncomfortable for a week.

Once, the stomach was burning, painful, and there was a faint pain under the ribs. I checked the Internet for various stomach cancer signs of gastric cancer. I was so scared that I quickly went for another gastroscopy. The result was chronic superficial gastritis. ……

The above is a description of a patient. Although the disease is only chronic superficial gastritis , the symptoms are more obvious and it is also an old stomach disease. For this kind of old stomach disease, what should I do if I treat the old and commit the old? What are the treatment methods for the old stomach disease?

From the perspective of modern medicine, chronic gastritis is mainly due to infection with Helicobacter pylori and eating irritating foods (cold, hard, spicy, etc.), which makes the gastric mucosa fragile, congested, and inflamed. It destroys the gastric mucosa and reduces the protective mechanism of the gastric mucosa.

However, if only the treatment of Helicobacter pylori is eradicated (quadruple therapy), and the gastric mucosa is not repaired and the gastric protective barrier is rebuilt, it will still be painful if it is stimulated. As mentioned above, “Get angry and drink some cold beer.” “If you don’t pay attention, it will be uncomfortable for a week.”

Therefore, for the treatment of old stomach diseases committed by the elderly, such as infection with Helicobacter pylori, eradicating Helicobacter pylori is the basis, but repairing the gastric mucosa and enhancing the protective barrier of the gastric mucosa is the fundamental treatment.

So how to repair the gastric mucosa and strengthen the protective barrier of the gastric mucosa?

1. Reduce external stimuli. Especially knowing the heat and cold, increase or decrease clothing at any time. It is more important to avoid the mouth, do not eat various irritating foods such as sour, cold and spicy, and do not drink irritating drinks such as coffee, cola, sprite and ice water. If it is during the onset of the disease, fruits must be quit. Eat easy-to-digest noodles, steamed buns, millet porridge, and don’t eat too much, just six or seven points.

2. Use gastric medicine to repair the gastric mucosa

Although the stomach has a self-healing function, it takes a long time and is prone to repeated irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to use drugs to repair the gastric mucosa. There are more such drugs, which can speed up the repair of the gastric protective barrier. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine, such as Sunflower Weikangling, which has a better effect. It contains whitening ingredients that can repair the gastric mucosa. Baihe is the drug of choice in traditional Chinese medicine to repair the gastric mucosa. The reason for its remarkable effect on repairing the gastric mucosa is that it can not only form a mucosal protective layer (white and contains a large amount of mucus) in the gastric mucosa, prevent gastric acid from eroding the gastric wall, but also promote the defective gastric mucosa regeneration and repair ability to enhance the effect. The reason why Western medicine is not recommended is that such Western medicine generally has certain side effects and cannot be taken for a long time. For example, colloidal bismuth is neurotoxic.2761ca062a50ed72e5444e45ec3def87

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